Sylvain CoulombeAssociate Vice-Principal, Innovation and Partnerships at McGill University

Sylvain Coulombe is Associate Vice-Principal, Innovation and Partnerships at McGill University. He is a former senior research scientist and project leader for GE Global Research (1997-2001), Professor Coulombe joined McGill’s Department of Chemical Engineering in 2001, serving as Department Chair from 2012-2018. He was the Canada Research Chair in Non-Thermal Plasma Processing from 2002-2012 and is a Gerald Hatch Faculty Fellow since 2015. His contributions to research and development have resulted in numerous reports of invention, patent applications and scientific publications.

Recognized for excellence in graduate supervision and teaching with the 2010 Carrie M. Derick Award, his contributions to the academic community have strengthened the knowledge base and influenced the direction of research at the University.

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