Since the year 2000, ALIGO has played a role in creating over 79 Quebec-based technology companies. Of these 79 companies, 52 are still active, which equates to 66%, one of the highest percentages seen in this field. The 52 companies which are still active today have generated over $590 million in investments. The following image presents the companies in accordance with the size of their investments, both public and private.

Spinoff companies means:

  • A company incorporated for the main purpose of operating a license for a technology that Aligo is developing and which comes from an establishment that Aligo represents;
  • An already existing company that refocuses its activities around a license obtained from a technology that is valued by Aligo and that comes from an establishment that Aligo represents.

Representation on March 31, 2020


Guzzo Nano Research

Guzzo Nano Research develops new nano-therapeutics platform for targeted tumor photo-ablation and imaging - circumventing genetic heterogeneity and the development of cancer drug resistance.


IR&T develops LabPET II scanners currently achieving the best spatial resolution for PET imaging of small animals


Emovi is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced products for knee joint assessment to restore patient quality of life.


SoundBite Medical is a medical devices company developing and commercializing proprietary wire-based device and generator console that delivers safe shockwave energy within the cardiovascular system to treat chronic total occlusions (CTO's).


The MOXXI system is an integrated solution created for primary care physicians. The electronic prescribing and computerized drug management system provides personalized care suited to a patient’s specific needs and ensures that his/her drugs are managed safely and effectively.


NexPlasmaGen Inc. is a company applying cold plasma biotechnologies to the treatment of cancer, striving to reduce radiation-related side-effects, while improving patient outcomes.

Resonnant Medical (Acquired by Elekta)

The treatment solutions and oncology informatics portfolios of Resonnant Medical are designed to enhance the delivery of radiation therapy, radiosurgery and brachytherapy, and to drive cost efficiency in clinical workflows.


Inolife Sciences is an emerging specialty medical device company focused on developing and commercializing novel drug delivery technologies. Inolife commercializes patented and FDA-cleared needle-free injection devices.


Orixha has developped an innovative device for cooling patients within few minutes and thus improve their prognosis by using a dedicated liquid ventilator able to perform safe and efficient total liquid ventilation inducing therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest.