Since the year 2000, ALIGO has played a role in creating over 79 Quebec-based technology companies. Of these 79 companies, 52 are still active, which equates to 66%, one of the highest percentages seen in this field. The 52 companies which are still active today have generated over $590 million in investments. The following image presents the companies in accordance with the size of their investments, both public and private.

Spinoff companies means:

  • A company incorporated for the main purpose of operating a license for a technology that Aligo is developing and which comes from an establishment that Aligo represents;
  • An already existing company that refocuses its activities around a license obtained from a technology that is valued by Aligo and that comes from an establishment that Aligo represents.

Representation on March 31, 2020



B-Cinq Technologies aims to improve performance and effeciency of vehicles by using smart systems. The innovative team is fuelled by the idea of getting beyond the limitations of multiple current technologies used in the industry. A new, patented, Electromechanical Continuously Variable Transmission (EVT) is their solution. Integrating smart control makes it possible to optimize the behavior of the vehicle in all circumstances according to the needs of the user, by using different control strategies, for example by pre-programmed driving modes.

Treal Technologies Inc

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) are a very promising type of solar cell because of their low cost, simple and inexpensive processes and straightforward scalability. Leveraging the architecture of DSSCs while using materials developed at multiple Canadian universities, this project aims to develop a solar cell for the consumer and commercial markets that is affordable and robust.


Kourant has commercialization rights for innovations in the areas of wastewater treatment, energy storage, green chemistry and CO2 capture and conversion. The electrobioreactor fuses electricity with biological processes in the existing wastewater treatment facility.

B&B FRP Manufacturing Inc.

B&B FRP Manufacturing Inc. develops an optimum product to have superior properties & overcome the limitation of available Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebar in the market, with the collaboration of University of Sherbrooke & University of Concordia in Canada, MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® are tested and proven to be the best GFRP rebar in the market.

CALOGY Solutions

Calogy Solutions is focused on solving complex industrial thermal management challenges and providing novel solutions in diverse industries including microelectronics, medical devices, and electrical transportation

Bougélec Inc

Bougelec provides simulation services and optimization of the energy of the electric transport which makes it possible to evaluate according to the scenarios: the electrical bill, the dimensions of the equipment, the performance of the equipment of storage, the performance of the trains, the elevation of rail potential, heat clearances, optimal altimetry profile, optimum speed.

Spark Microsystems

Spark Microsystems develops ultra-low power and ultra-short latency wireless transceiver technology for applications in a vast range of sizable markets, including mobile electronics, wireless sensors, wearables, and electric vehicle.