Since the year 2000, ALIGO has played a role in creating over 71 Quebec-based technology companies. Of these 71 companies, 44 are still active, which equates to 62%, one of the highest percentages seen in this field. The 44 companies which are still active today have generated over $522 million in investments. The following image presents the companies in accordance with the size of their investments, both public and private.

Spinoff companies means:

  • A company incorporated for the main purpose of operating a license for a technology that Aligo is developing and which comes from an establishment that Aligo represents;
  • An already existing company that refocuses its activities around a license obtained from a technology that is valued by Aligo and that comes from an establishment that Aligo represents.

Representation on March 31, 2018



DEKKO has highly specialized and innovative skills, including non-destructive inspection, high-speed image and signal processing, acoustics and ultrasound, precision mechanical systems and numerical simulations.


B-Cinq Technologies aims to improve performance and effeciency of vehicles by using smart systems. Our innovative team is fuelled by the idea of getting beyond the limitations of multiple current technologies used in the industry. A new, patented, Electromechanical Continuously Variable Transmission (EVT) is our solution. Integrating smart control makes it possible to optimize the […]


WrnchAI is a high-performance, deep learning runtime engine, engineered and designed to extract human motion and behaviour from standard video. It analyzes regular 2D RGB video and returns 3D motion data in real time. It can process multiple 2D camera feeds and recognize human motion and behaviours. wrnchAI enables developers to create applications in a […]

Xwave3D Inc.

The mission of Xwave3D Inc. is to revolutionize additive manufacturing by a novel technology called Selective Solidification. The technology opens up a new class in additive manufacturing processes. The method is capable of printing objects with a wide range of materials.


Angiochem is a clinical-stage biotechnology company discovering and developing new breakthrough peptide drug conjugates that leverage the LRP-1 mediated pathway to cross the blood-brain-barrier to treat neurological diseases.


Sensequake offers its professional services based on its proprietary technologies. Sensequake technology is the result of several years of research at McGill University and Sensequake and is capable of performing sensor-based structural health monitoring (SHM) and seismic assessment of buildings.

Bougélec Inc

Bougelec provides simulation services and optimization of the energy of the electric transport which makes it possible to evaluate according to the scenarios: the electrical bill, the dimensions of the equipment, the performance of the equipment of storage, the performance of the trains, the elevation of rail potential, heat clearances, optimal altimetry profile, optimum speed.


Technologies Kourant détient des droits de commercialisation sur les innovations propres aux domaines de traitement des eaux usées, de stockage d’énergie, de chimie verte et de captage et conversion du CO2. L’électrobioréacteur fusionne l’électricité avec des processus biologiques dans l’installation existante de traitement des eaux usées.


AEPONYX is a fabless micro optical switch semiconductor chips designer and manufacturer. AEPONYX chips are targeted at fiber optic access to the Cloud and optical switching in the Cloud. AEPONYX is creating a unique platform that can support the next generation of optical communications. AEPONYX’s micro optical switches are 100x faster, 10x cheaper and 10x […]

Treal Technologies Inc

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) are a very promising type of solar cell because of their low cost, simple and inexpensive processes and straightforward scalability. Leveraging the architecture of DSSCs while using materials developed at multiple Canadian universities, this project aims to develop a solar cell for the consumer and commercial markets that is affordable and […]


Ovensa is a preclinical stage company working to fight inherent therapeutic resistance in complex diseases by generating advanced nanotherapeutics through its proprietary TRIOZAN™ Platform. The company focuses on advancing its lead nanotherapeutic candidate that synergistically improves efficacy of chemotherapy and checkpoint inhibitors in glioblastoma.


DropGenie is a biotechnology company developing a platform that automates liquid handling and experimental conditions specific to genetic engineering, thus reducing costs while improving standardization and reproducibility. With the rapid adoption of CRISPR technology, their product will initially target R&D applications by easing gene editing in human cells, followed by a longer term translational vision […]

Reflex Photonics

Reflex Photonics is an advanced developer of rugged high-speed optical transceiver modules and parallel embedded optics products for aerospace, defense, avionics, telecom, and data centers. Our products enable equipment developers to design smaller, lower cost, and lower powered systems resulting in higher fidelity and faster connectivity.


Exonetik redefines human-machine interaction. Our disruptive magnetorheological fluid actuator systems enable our partners to quickly bring to market reliable game changing products with unprecedented functions and dynamic performance.