ALIGO’s Expertise

By supporting researchers in innovation projects from the invention or innovation disclosure right through to bringing them to markets and the public, ALIGO is a driving force for economic development. ALIGO has extensive experience in several sectors enabling the corporation to adequately respond to the needs of the academic researchers and innovative businesses that make up its client base.

Technical and Commercial Evaluation

Researchers can count on ALIGO’s experience to evaluate the commercial potential and social benefits of an invention or innovation. ALIGO undertakes thorough analyses of inventions and innovations in order to determine the best marketing approach for each of its projects.

Social Impact Evaluation

ALIGO evaluates the social impact of inventions and innovations. ALIGO gets involved with every stage of promoting a project, from the description form right through to bringing the social innovation to the general public.

Intellectual Property Management

It is always best to protect intellectual property before it is marketed or turned over to the public. ALIGO helps researchers implement a purposeful and appropriate intellectual property management strategy for innovations and inventions.

Business Development

ALIGO supports researchers in their business development for the marketing of an invention or to create public impact. The company’s expertise is based on implementing well thought-out business strategies for the target market.


ALIGO’s investment activities support the development and maturation of exciting technologies and knowledge to lead them to commercial or social success.

Business Creation

ALIGO guides and advises start-up companies on several different levels, including the development of a business plan, in order to promote innovations stemming from academic research.

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ALIGO builds bridges between research, the market and the general public

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