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Contactless system and method for measurement and characterization of the quality (the best conductivity) of printed electronics devices.

The challenge in printed electronic devices testing and production

  • Printing of such electronic circuits can be performed using conventional printing techniques suitable for defining patterns on substrates
  • Such printed electronic techniques enable production processes for widespread, low-cost, and low-performance electronic devices
  • The ink conductivity used in the printing technique should vary below a given conductivity threshold over time
  • Such a testing technique can provide conductivity measurements which are limited in resolution
  • Testing technique requires a physical contact of the traces, which can cause irreparable damage to the printed electronic device in at least some situations
  • Need of online conductivity measurement of printing devices of printed electronics
  • Need of online quality control of printed electronics

Online quality control of printed electronic device and testing method

  • A substrate on which is printed a metamaterial structure using an ink
  • A non-destructive inspection by terahertz waves
  • Printing of patterns in some places of printing of the substrate and validating their conductivities at regular intervals
  • Terahertz radiation emitter and receiver are positioned at specific locations from the metamaterial structure to qualify the patterns in real time
  • A controller configured to determine a conductivity value indicative of a conductivity of the ink
  • Technology developed by prof. François Blanchard and Mariia Zhuldybina at École de Technologie supérieure

Contactless ink quality measurement method advantages

  • The method is simple, contactless, non-destructive, fast and inexpensive
  • Currently, there is no other method for characterizing the in-line quality of printed electronic devices
  • Using of multiple terahertz frequencies or single frequency
  • Opening the doors for using Terahertz CMOS emitters and receivers

Market applications

  • Printed electronic devices manufacturing
  • Companies that convert their paper printing business to printing printable electronics devices
  • Roll-to-Roll printing market for flexible devices

Business opportunity 

  • PCT has been filed on May 30th 2019
  • Technology available for licensing


If you are interested by this technology, please contact :
Pierre des Lierres, Director Business Development, Engineering
PdesLierres@aligo.ca, (514) 571-6556


École de Technologie supérieure (ÉTS)

Main inventors


François Blanchard, Professor, Electric Engineering Department

François Blanchard Eng., M.Sc., Ph.D.  has joined ÉTS in 2015 and he recently obtained the ÉTS Research Chair on terahertz (THz) optoelectronic. Among his research achievements, he is internationally recognized for his research on intense terahertz pulse generation and the development of a video-rate terahertz microscope system. Since 2015, he has supervised 7 M.Sc.A, 4 Ph.D., and 2 PDFs. and has given 10 invited talks at national/international conferences. Additionally, professor Blanchard cumulates 10 years of industrial field experiences in non-destructive testing of materials.


Mariia Zhuldybina, Researcher, Electric Engineering Department

Mariia Zhuldybina B.ASc., M.ASc., currently is a Ph.D. student in the Electrical Engineering Department at ÉTS. Her research interest includes developing the in-line and non-destructive quality control technique of printed electronics with terahertz spectroscopy for industrial applications.