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A Groundbreaking Business Model

ALIGO has successfully implemented a groundbreaking model focused on careful intellectual property management and marketing (Valeo model), and a pre-seed and probative seed investment model, recognized by the academic sector and stakeholders of Quebec’s private financing chain (MSBiV model). By combining their strengths, expertise and teams, the two partners have successfully merged into one single entity creating a group that efficiently manages the marketing of inventions, and a group that creates and finances business opportunities based on scientific discoveries.

ALIGO is the biggest academic research enhancement corporation in Quebec with a network of academic partners that represents close to 50% of all academic research in Quebec annually. This groundbreaking model, which includes a sustainability fund, enables us to pursue the continuity of our organization (evergreen model).

ALIGO Investment Fund

ALIGO has its very own investment fund and a preferential relationship with iNovia Capital, as well as strong ties with other private investment groups, including AmorChem, FounderFuel and Tandem Launch.

With its own investment fund ALIGO is one of the few organizations that gives chances to very high-risk projects. ALIGO’s early-stage investment experience and its portfolio management set the corporation apart from its competition. Due to the notoriety of its multidisciplinary team (business and scientific expertise), when ALIGO decides to support a technology, an important signal is sent out into the ecosystem and the project gains in credibility, attracting more capital.

ALIGO’s ability to invest directly in projects and companies constitutes a leverage effect and a significant (and often critical) advantage in order to fulfil a technology transfer, support its success, and to capitalize on the best business terms.

ALIGO builds bridges between research, the market and the general public