Social Impact Evaluation

ALIGO evaluates the social impact of innovations. ALIGO gets involved with every stage of promoting a project, from the description form, right through to bringing the social innovation to the public.

Invention Disclosure

Still haven’t completed your social innovation description form? Contact someone in your university’s office of research as soon as possible.

Determining Social Impact

The evaluation process entails bringing together researchers and people involved in the sector in order to adequately pinpoint and understand the consequences of the innovation, so that the results can be evaluated, whether they are expected or unexpected, direct or indirect, positive or negative.

ALIGO makes the decision whether or not to promote the social innovation based on its social impact potential and whether the research team is interested in supporting the promotional strategy.

Taking Charge and Creating a Promotional Plan

Each week, the ALIGO team evaluates new academic research findings, and participates in the elaboration and execution of promotional and investment strategies. ALIGO actively collaborates with other stakeholders in the ecosystem in order to grow as a company and to ensure it has the right tools to make the best decisions.

Innovations are evaluated confidentially based on the analysis of strict criteria, including:

  • the social need the innovation meets;
  • the advantages and improvements regarding methods, processes, and knowledge currently in use;
  • the impact of the innovation, its planned use, the economic potential, and the potential end users if known;
  • etc.

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ALIGO builds bridges between research, the market and the general public