Intellectual Property Management

From the moment that ALIGO confirms it will handle intellectual property entrusted to it by a partner university, ALIGO manages the intellectual property in order to give it a useful life and so that it can increase in value.

The intellectual property protection strategies and the promotional strategies that ALIGO adopt vary depending on the sector and the characteristics of the innovation or invention. The matrix below can be used for reference purposes to define the most appropriate intellectual property protection strategy to adopt. However, these are not the only options.

Matrix Defining the Appropriate Intellectual Property Protection Strategy

Sectors – characteristics Patent Copyright Trademark Industrial design Integrated circuit topography
Medical device
Life sciences
Science and engineering
Social innovation
Information technology
Literature, arts, dramatic works and music
Word, sound and graphic combinations used to distinguish products and services
Original visual features of a product
Three-dimensional configurations of electronic circuits incorporated into integrated circuit products or layout diagrams

Complying With Laws and University Policies and Conventions

Part of ALIGO’s role is ensuring that the adopted strategies comply with the law and the researcher’s university policies and conventions. Appropriate protection is required before you present innovations and inventions to potential customers, and before disclosing confidential information about them.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)

To find out more about intellectual property, please visit the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) website, which is the primary office responsible for the administration and processing of intellectual property applications in Canada. CIPO works in the following areas: trademarks, patents, industrial designs, and integrated circuit topographies.

Public Disclosure

It’s important to remember that the law does not automatically protect an invention. It is therefore important that a strategy is implemented from day one, before anything is disclosed to the public, to ensure that your chances of protecting the invention with a patent are not compromised.

Presenting an Invention to the Public

Have you already presented your invention to the public? Or are you getting ready to do so? Speak with your university’s office of research to find out what impact this could have.

Invention Disclosure

Invention disclosure is one of the most crucial stages of academic research enhancement. ALIGO works in close collaboration with the offices of research of its partner universities to ensure that all legal documents are completed as per requirements. It’s important to deal with this stage quickly in order to initiate the maturation process for the technology in question.

Want to complete an invention disclosure record? Consult the list of offices of research of our partner universities to speak with an advisor

Social Innovation Description

If you think that the findings of your research will not result in an invention, but you would still like them to be promoted because you feel they have a certain social impact, we recommend that you speak with an advisor with your university’s office of research. They will most likely ask you to complete a social innovation description form.

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