Business Development

ALIGO has put its expertise and knowledge to good use helping businesses develop for close to 20 years.

Identifying Business Partners

ALIGO determines the best marketing approach for each technology and innovation it manages in order to create optimum value in a timely manner. Depending on the nature of the invention or innovation, ALIGO will contact potential users or will be contacted by potential users to evaluate market interest.

When the chosen marketing approach is to create a spinoff company, ALIGO uses its relationships with venture capital groups to structure investment syndicates.

Commercial Rights Transactions

There are several different types of commercial rights transactions. For example, if the chosen marketing approach is to grant a licence, ALIGO will ideally invest with an industrial partner who could also act as the potential licence holder.

The director of business development responsible for the invention or innovation will monitor all transactions and business clauses, including developmental milestones and financial considerations.

This person will work closely with the research team, financial and business partners, investors, and potential customers, to ensure that each stage of the process leading to the marketing of the invention is completed smoothly.

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