Business Creation

When an invention or innovation has been sufficiently developed and is ready for the market, ALIGO’s business and investment committees elaborate an appropriate marketing strategy. For example, the invention could be licensed out to existing companies, or a new business could be created in order to market the invention.


When the ALIGO team is about to market an invention or an innovation, it carefully examines several criteria in order to ensure that it makes the best decisions possible.

ALIGO’s experts analyze:

  • the potential barriers to market entry;
  • the coverage of companies currently active in the field;
  • the interest from companies who want to license the invention without cannibalizing their existing product line;
  • the expected profits for each method;
  • the investment and effort required to launch a new company;
  • etc.

Launching New Companies

When the decision to launch a new company is made, the ALIGO team handles the negotiation and conclusion of the business and commercial terms, as well as all other legal aspects. ALIGO’s team ensures that the new company has a qualified, competent management team that will act in the new company’s best interests. ALIGO also takes care of acquiring the seed funding needed to establish the new company, whether this be through its own internal investment committee or through other means.

Monitoring Business Projects

Finally, ALIGO monitors projects to ensure that the invention continues to be marketed in the coming years. The team also ensures the protection of researchers’ and universities’ rights, and takes the necessary measures to protect the new technology in the long-term.

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