Aligo Investment Fund

ALIGO’s ability to invest directly in projects and companies constitutes a leverage effect and a significant (and often critical) advantage in order to fulfil a technology transfer, support its success, and capitalize on the best business terms.

For example, in 2019–2020, ALIGO invested $706,000 of its own fund to promote exciting projects. This enabled the company to generate financing packages of $7.5 million with a leverage effect 10.6 times higher.

Investment of $706k


Lever effect of

10.6 X

Different Sources of Funding

The ALIGO team identifies the sources of funding and required resources for each project. ALIGO also finds potential financing and business partners, and completes funding requests as per the requirements.

Several sources of funding are available, including:

  • the ALIGO Fund;
  • the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation’s research organization support program (Programme de soutien aux organismes de recherche), which is reserved for research enhancement corporations;
  • venture capital investments;
  • angel investors;
  • several other programs and financial partners.

The ALIGO Fund

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Technological and Commercial Development

Most inventions and innovations stemming from academic research are difficult to transfer to industrial partners, regardless of their novelty. These technologies often require technological development and financial support before they can be brought to market.

ALIGO participates in experimental validation and prototype development. In order to incite market interest, researchers often have to develop:

  • a working prototype;
  • a prototype that resolves a specific problem;
  • a proven, industrially scalable manufacturing procedure;
  • in-vitro or preclinic findings;
  • etc.

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