Our Expertise

ALIGO has the expertise required to implement business strategies that create value for innovations, in particular by establishing long-lasting partnerships, handling funding, by creating businesses, and by granting licences.

Technical and Commercial Evaluation

ALIGO evaluates the commercial potential of inventions and innovations. ALIGO undertakes thorough analysis of inventions and innovations in order to determine the best marketing approach.

Social Impact Evaluation

In the fall of 2018, ALIGO established a new social innovation business development sector in response to demand from universities.

Intellectual Property Management

ALIGO develops intellectual property plans for the academic inventions and innovations in its portfolio. This process recognizes the ownership rights of the creator(s). ALIGO then implements a purposeful and appropriate intellectual property management strategy for the innovation or invention.

Business Development

ALIGO actively seeks out business opportunities so that inventions and innovations can be brought to market or have an impact on society. In doing so, ALIGO guarantees a return on investment through research grants. The company’s expertise is based on implementing well thought-out business strategies for the target market.

Aligo Investment Fund and access to an envelope for the maturation of innovations and inventions

ALIGO’s investment activities support the development and maturation of exciting innovations and inventions in order to lead them to commercial or social success.

Business Creation

ALIGO supports and advises new businesses that are marketing inventions or innovations from the company’s portfolio.