ALIGO’s Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Significantly contribute to the return on investments of governments in public research by taking exciting inventions and innovations out of universities and bringing them to the public and market.

Our Mission

Be a catalyst for economic development, in particular by creating spinoff companies and improving the competitiveness of existing companies through the transfer of groundbreaking technologies coming out of our universities, their hospitals, and their research centres.

Our Commitments

Creating Value

Creating value from intellectual property coming out of academic research in our 10 universities, their hospitals and research centres, covering all sectors of innovation, in particular, life sciences, pure and applied sciences, social sciences, engineering, and information and communication technologies.

Developing Partnerships

Developing partnerships with key stakeholders in the Quebec and Canadian innovation ecosystem and with potential investors.

Supporting Universities

Providing our university establishments with the financial and human resources required to accelerate and facilitate the marketing of promising technologies and innovations with great social impact.

Supporting Researchers

Working closely with researchers to help bridge the gap enabling innovations in their development stage to be transformed into tangible applications for the market and general public.