Annual Reports

Consult our annual reports to discover the highlights of ALIGO’s work.


In this report, we highlight specifics of the Aligo team’s business development efforts, and particularly its know-how, expertise and the tools it rolled out and used. Aligo is celebrating only its sixth anniversary this year and although the team is young, already its “techno or market push” strategy is combining several approaches and producing tangible results.

During these six years, all team members have made every necessary effort to apply quality-management principles and  to deploy exemplary business practices within all Aligo functions and management levels.  We are proud to have been awarded a Mention at the Mouvement québécois de la qualité’s prestigious Prix performance Québec.


Discover our 2018-2019 review


We are proud to present ALIGO’s first ever annual report that demonstrates just how far the company has come since its creation in 2014.