We Enhance Research

ALIGO is proud to promote dozens of inventions and innovations enhanced through agreements every single year. The company is currently supporting the development of over 121 different research enhancement projects. In 2017–2018 alone, the projects which ALIGO were involved in generated over $101 million in investments. On March 31, 2018, the ALIGO Fund’s portfolio of cumulative investments totalled $2.66 million invested in 36 projects.

Our Story

Located in Montreal, ALIGO was founded in 2014 following a merger between two corporations, MSBiV and Valeo, both of which were established in 2001. MSBiV was a high-potential technology enhancement corporation for projects coming out of McGill, Sherbrooke and Bishop’s universities. Valeo was a corporation that handled intellectual property management for the École de technologie supérieure, Concordia University, UQAM, UQAR, UQTR, and UQO.

The merger of these two organizations enabled ALIGO to provide universities with a critical mass of expertise and the financial means needed to market academic research findings, while significantly reducing their administrative expenses. By supporting innovation projects from the invention or innovation disclosure right through to bringing them to markets and the public, ALIGO is a driving force for economic development.


ALIGO represents 10 universities in Quebec, as well as their hospitals and research centres, to promote their inventions and innovations.

Board of Directors

ALIGO’s Board of Directors protects the company’s interests, and, by default, the interests of its 10 partner universities.

Investment Committee

The development of projects promoted by ALIGO is made possible through the involvement and expertise of its investment committee.


ALIGO boasts an experienced and qualified team who strives daily to develop the full potential of innovation projects.


ALIGO has a vast network and works closely with several industrial, community, financial, and innovative technology marketing partners.

ALIGO’s Influence

In addition to its internal projects and activities, ALIGO is actively involved in the ecosystem and field of academic research enhancement.

Annual Reports

Want to learn more about ALIGO’s actions? Consult our annual reports to discover the highlights of our work.