Building bridges between research and the market through technology transfer

ALIGO has played a role in creating over 79 Quebec-based technology companies, 52 of which are still active today.


Researchers can count on ALIGO’s experience to evaluate, protect intellectual property, and set the wheels in motion to bring inventions and innovations to the market and the general public.


ALIGO has successfully implemented a groundbreaking business model by combining the expertise and synergy required to efficiently market innovations, and to create and fund opportunities based on scientific discoveries.

Portfolio of Innovations and Inventions

Discover ALIGO’s portfolio of over 100 innovations and inventions.

ALIGO’s Expertise

Throughout various stages of enhancement, ALIGO implements efficient business strategies to find the funding required and the ideal partnerships for the inventions and innovations it manages.

Our Experienced Team

ALIGO’s Board of Directors, Investment Committee and experienced team enable the company to produce successful results with diversified partners and a multitude of projects.